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Dog Motel

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Winchester Pet Care has been caring for pets since 1992. Our boarding facility contains 60dogmotel2.jpg large, climate-controlled runs to ensure the most comfort for your canine friend. For exercise, the dogs are walked twice daily in a spacious outdoor play yard. Those pets that live for running and playing with other dogs will enjoy the exercise time, as it is group play. However we recognize not all dogs are comfortable being around other animals. If individual playtime would better suit your dog’s personality, such time can be requested at no additional charge.

When it comes to chow time your pet will look forward to a five star meal of high quality dog food. Science Diet Maintenance formula is our food of choice for those pets staying in the motel. Realizing all pets are different, our staff is trained to monitor the eating habits of our guests. If any abnormalities are observed, such as lack of eating, vomiting, or diarrhea, Dr. Rucker will prescribe the necessary solution. We also encourage you to bring in your own food if you know this would better suit your dog.

If your pet stays for a minimum of four days (or seven days over a holiday), he or she will receive a complimentary bath the day before leaving. We want your pet to go home clean for your benefit and theirs. However, if you have a dog that requires grooming, this should be scheduled in advance.

To protect your pet from diseases and parasites, Winchester Pet Care Center has certain requirements for all residents of the motel, and if needed can be performed on site. 

Canine Vaccinations
Bordetella (kennel cough)
Fecal Flotation (stool sample, every six months)

Cat Condos

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The purr-fect getaway for your furry feline friend!


Your furry feline pals will enjoy state-of-the art cat condos. The spacious condos have a perching shelf with a view out of a large picture window. Scratching posts and bedding can be provided upon request at no additional charge. All cat lovers know that cats can be pretty particular when it comes to cleanliness, that’s why keeping your furry friends space clean is very important to us. While the condos are being cleaned your cat will enjoy the freedom to roam around the cat room and investigate his or her surroundings When the dinner bell rings, Science Diet Maintenance formula will be served. However if you prefer to bring in your own food or treats we would encourage you to do so.

We have specific vaccination requirements to ensure the safety of all our feline residents.
FVRCP (feline distemper)
Feline Leukemia

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